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Victoria in 1891
Image of Victoria in 1891

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada's most westerly province. In the early 1890s Victoria was the largest and most important city in the province.

St. Andrew's Cathedral is a Victoria landmark. When it was completed in 1892 it was the tallest structure in the city. The view from the steeple was spectacular.

Recognizing the vantage point, a professional photographer took a series of pictures from the top of the nearly-completed cathedral in 1891.

The images provide a remarkably clear and detailed 360 degree panorama of the city. They offer an unequalled perspective on Victoria when the city was the metropolis of British Columbia.

On this web site you can stand on top of the cathedral with the photographer. You can fly over the city, zoom down on streets and get close to buildings with hot spots and pop-ups.

On this web site you can visualize Victoria in 1891.

Patrick A. Dunae