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Ladysmith - Our Community, Your Credit Union - A History.
A modern history of Ladysmith, BC and the Ladysmith & District Credit Union.

This handsome book was published in May 2014 by the Ladysmith & District Credit Union. It is illustrated with nearly eighty historical photos and includes an index and bibliography. The book sells for $20. Copies are available at the Credit Union (330 First Avenue) and from local merchants, including Salamander Books (535 First Avenue).

The Credit Union is donating the proceeds of all sales to the Ladysmith & District Historical Society, to support the Ladysmith Archives and Museum.

Nominated for a Heritage BC Award, the book was produced by TAKE 5 Publications and printed in Canada by Friesens.

Cover of Ladysmith book.

Back cover text:
As the Second World War was drawing to a close, Ladysmith woodworkers organized a credit union to support their families in a uncertain economy, transition the postwar years, and benefit the larger community.

In 1944 they chartered the Ladysmith & District Credit Union, one of the first credit unions on Vancouver Island. Their Credit Union was mentored by now-legendary figures in the social reform and co-operative movements of British Columbia. The pedigree of LDCU is one of the most illustrious in the province. This book describes its growth and celebrates its 70th anniversary.

This is also a chronicle of Ladysmith, a town that identifies itself as “Heritage by the Sea.” It describes Ladysmith's development as a forest industry centre and its evolution to a town that strives for economic diversity and environmental sustainability.

The outward heritage of Ladysmith is evident today in the facades along First Avenue and adjacent streets. But as this book shows, Ladysmith's heritage is also evident in the many socially-progressive activities, events, and people connected with our community. Just as legendary figures were connected with the Credit Union, so, too, were they connected with the Town of Ladysmith.

Cover image: “Ladysmith, B.C.” [1982], a painting by E. J. Hughes.

The Author
Patrick A. Dunae is a public historian interested in local history and heritage on Vancouver Island. He is a member of the Credit Union.

ISBN 9780993720703